How to Use Measure App to Record Area?

All those who have welcomed the beta version of the iOS 12 on their iPhones were pleasantly surprised to see “Measure” on their app list. The application by Apple can potentially make measuring takes redundant. While the works on the app are still underway, it is a pretty useful app if you wish to get rough measurements of the objects around you. Whether Apple will continue the app or discard it is still unknown. Furthermore, the app also contains a level, which can tell you the tilt, if any.

The app may not be precise and accurate, but it does a good job in giving an estimate, which would be enough if you wish to check if your new sofa will fit in the drawing room, or if the coffee maker is too big for the counter. Another handy feature of the Measure app, apart from measuring dimensions, is the ability of the app to make use of augmented reality to gauge the square footage. Thus, you can use the Measure app to record the area occupied by a defined, shapely object.

Steps to Use Measure App to Record Area

  1. Launch the Measure app on your iPhone.
  2. Stand at a uniform distance away from the object.
  3. Point your camera towards it. The app will automatically recognize the four corners of the object and mark it using a yellow dotted line.
  4. Moving towards or away from the object will determine how the shape snaps around our objects. The closer you are, the more accurate the measurements would be. Therefore, try to be as close as possible while keeping the entire object in the frame.
  5. Once the yellow line has marked out the outline of your object, tap on the measure button to calculate the length and breadth of each segment. In the intersection of these measurements, you will find the area that the object covers, written in the middle.
  6. If in case the app is unable to autorecognize the complete parameter of the object, you can still use the app to get the approximate square footage. Simply measure each of the sides of the object and the app can measure the square footage for you.

You can switch between the Imperial or Metric units of measurement through the settings in your phone. Tap on the label to copy the measurement.

We hope that the Measure app can be useful to you.

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