How to Run Scheduled Macros in Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is an important software which is used for the automation of the macOS. It will help you improve your productivity through the macOS or shortcuts with easy keystrokes. If you want to run scheduled macros in Keyboard Maestro, then follow the steps listed below.

Here’s How to Run Scheduled Macros in Keyboard Maestro

• Auto Empty the Trash

You can change the system setting, which will remove all the items in the trash, but we have to make some tool which removes the files sooner than thirty days. To complete this procedure, we will do an action which removes all the items stored on the trash. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Choose the My iMore Macros group.
  2. Press on the plus symbol located at the end of the Macros section.
  3. Give a title to the new macro.

Now, we will start adding the timed trigger for this procedure through the Trigger menu. Here are the steps listed below to complete this procedure:

  1. Press on the plus symbol given near to the option which indicates the New Trigger.
  2. Choose the Time of Day Trigger option by going to the result menu list.
  3. Select one time.
  4. Select the days to run schedules macros in Keyboard Maestro.

Now, we have to start adding the actions which will remove all the items from the Trash folder. We will go through this procedure by downloading the Finder application. After that, the Keyboard Maestro will share the keyboard shortcut to the Finder app so that you can easily empty your Trash folder. Here’s how:

  1. Press on the plus symbol given near to the New Action option.
  2. Ensure that All Actions is chosen in the Categories section.
  3. Pull the “Activate a Specific Application” option to the “No Action” option located in the Macro Editor window.
  4. Press on the menu given near to the option “Activate.”
  5. Choose the Finder app.
  6. You should check the “All windows and “Reopen initial windows” options.
  7. Press on the Try option located at the end of the Macro editor.

The Finder application should be activated, and the Finder menu should show on the screen. Here are the next steps listed below:

  1. Unselect the “All windows” and “Reopen initial windows” options.
  2. Start using the Actions search box for searching the Type a keystroke action.
  3. Click twice on the action.
  4. The Keyboard Maestro should be placed under the Activate Finder action which you have already created.

You can use Ctrl+Shift+Del keys to remove all the items stored in the Trash folder. But in case you have not modified the Finder preferences yet, then you will get a text which asks you that you really wish to remove all the items from the Trash folder. You can use the Option key for hiding that notification. Here’s how:

  1. Press on the text box given near to the text, which indicates “Simulate keystroke.”
  2. Click on the Cmd+Shift+Option+Del keys together.
  3. Press on the Try option.

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